Tablet Computer Compared to Laptops and PCs

Tablet Computers are becoming the hot new technology item. You are able to do more than with a netbook and it is smaller. This makes it an easy computer to carry with you to even more places and opens up more possibilities. Some people prefer these to eReaders because you can load an eReader program and do so much more.What is a tablet computer?A tablet computer is sometimes called a tablet PC. Since the is not a PC, and some tablets are expected to be Linux based, a tablet computer is the correct term. While it is bigger than a cell phone, it is smaller than a laptop and unless you buy an accessory keyboard it does not have on in the traditional sense.What does it use for a keyboard?This mobile computer is typically a flat screen with a virtual keyboard that can appear on the screen. You can use your fingers or a stylus pen type device to type on the tablet. Most are touch enabled allowing you to use your fingers to “flip” pages, enlarge, shrink and move around a screen.Why is it called the tablet PC?In 2000, Microsoft used the term “Microsoft tablet PC” at that time however the tablet was mostly a note taking device constructed for business. Plagued with usability issues and too heavy for extended use, it failed to become a product consumers wanted.What made the tablet computer become popular?Then Apple was able to bring the tablet computer mainstream. In 2010, the iPad was quickly bought by Apple and technology lovers. With it, the touch interface was redefined and making it an integral part of the new tablet technology. This is how the tablet rush began. At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 various companies announced competition to the iPad. These include, RIM, Motorola, Samsung, Asus, Vizio and others.Why do people like the tablet computer?The touchscreen allows for variations that a computer with keyboard does not. The ones that use a stylus often recognized handwriting. The touch screen basis makes the tablet computers even more user friendly because they are often very intuitive. With a stylus or even a finger, digital painting and drawing are easier than with a mouse which adds enjoyment for artists of all types.What do people dislike about a tablet?The tablet computer is more expensive currently than some laptops, but that price is expected to fall. The lack of a keyboard means typing inputs are slower, however there are keyboard attachments being created. Since you are constantly touching the screen with your finger or stylus there is a risk to damage. Also because it often carried and handled more, they can suffer damage from impacts and misuse. While with all this information demand for tablet computers is expected to continue to rise until another computer appears.

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