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Art, Architecture and Photography Books

The Magic of ArchitectureThere are many different books that you can obtain for information on architecture. These would include 101 Things I learned in Architecture School and Analysing Architecture. You may also have many different questions pertaining to architecture as well. This could be:What types of books can I find about the basics of Architecture?Can find information of the history of architecture?How hard of a field is it to get into?All of these questions and many more could be running through your mind. Of course, there are many different areas of architecture such as the planning, different types, the techniques and tools needed as well as styles. Reading the information that you are interested in can help you to go a long way in this field. You may even be able to find an encyclopedia in reference to the subject.The Beauty of ArtThere are many different aspects when it comes to art. To be able to appreciate it, sit back and enjoy the beauty and grace of the work is truly amazing. You will find many different books on this particular subject such as The Art Book, Sleuth: The Amazing Quest for Lost Art Treasures and even This is Modern Art.Is Fashion considered an art?Can I find a book that will give me the basics of art?Are there women involved in art and who are they?These questions may very well be running through your mind if art is your passion. Some of these questions may be answered in The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists ( World of Art). Of course there are many different aspects of art such acrylic, objective and modern. Maybe just one of these subjects is of interest you or many tickle your fancy. Regardless, you are going to be able to find the information that you are looking for.In Depth with PhotographyOne of the most popular types of photography is digital. You will be able to find books filled with information on this topic such as The Digital Photography Book: v. 3 and The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-Step Secrets for How To Make Your Photos Look Like the Pro’s! Of course, there are still many people that use film cameras to get the beautiful black and white photos that look very dramatic and real. You can almost feel what is happening in the picture.How Do I Get Started in Photography?What Types of Photography are there?How do I become a professional photographer?What is the history of photography?These are all very important questions to ask if you are going to chose this as your profession. You will want to know about photographers, techniques and even the theory. You may even be interested in finding out about photo essays that you can enter and getting the information on that as well. There is so much to learn about photography such as the type of equipment, lenses, film and even the type of lighting that you need for a particular shot and what the best positioning is in the sun.There are many sub-categories and subjects when it comes to the worlds of Art, Architecture and Photography. There are design studies, fashion design, sculpture, museums and even criticism. These are all very important aspects of these fields. Having the opportunity to be able to join in on a discussion to ask your questions and here the responses of someone else can be very beneficial. It gives you the opportunity to learn from others and combine what they know with what you know.Other books that may of interest to you are Ways of Seeing (Penguin Modern Classics), High Voltage Tattoo, Wall and Piece and Architect’s Pocket Book. You can even find a beginner’s guide called Photoshop Elements 7 This can be very helpful if you are looking for a book that can give you an explanation that is simple and easy. It will simplify things so that all is broken down into plain English and sounds less complicated.You may also be interested in painting and drawing, prints and decorative arts as well as sculpture. There are so many different aspects of Art, Architecture & Photography that trying to find a place to begin in your learning can be almost frustrating. With help of many different books, you will be able to find a great starting point, where you should be in the middle and then how things will end up. For many, you may decide to take a class in a certain subject and then need a refresher. This is where a lot of this reading material can come in handy.In ConclusionRegardless of which field you are working on, there are plenty of questions that need answers in order to be able to further your career and have a strong force. There are many books that you can get this information from and of course, you will most likely have questions about something that you have read in a particular book. As stated earlier, participating in a discussion about these books and asking questions can get you far and help you to better understand what you have read. It is very easy to get in on a discussion about the various books that you have read or on the ones that you want to read. Don’t hesitate in having the opportunity to speak with others.

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Computer Forum For Smartphone Selection

Today, you as a sophisticated user of new-age technology need to update yourself on the latest computer technology. It makes sense for you to be aware of the latest devices, such as netbooks, smartphones, and other breakthroughs in computer and mobile technology that you can use while on move. You as a mobile user need to make choice on smartphones as per your taste and suitability. You can start your search for your smartphone by visiting a good online free computer forum. A competent computer forum’s website today has important computer-related news across all domains.You may wonder what makes a smartphone different from phones such as your landline connection or usual mobile phones that you have been using over the years. A smartphone is a mobile phone that gives you smart features you might otherwise find only on your computer. The earliest smart phone models were actually little more than a mobile tacked onto a PDA. Now, Apple iPhone has really caught the attention of everyone. But Smartphones have been around for much longer than that. As with netbooks and laptops, smartphones are now available with a variety of operating systems. This in turn affects the computer applications you can use.Today, Microsoft Windows Mobile is the most common smartphone operating system. You will find it on a large variety of devices. Apple makes both the iPhone hardware and the operating system that it runs on. Google also now offers a smartphone operating system, Android. However, like Microsoft, it does not make the hardware. Therefore, you will need to go for the likes of Motorola and HTC for an Android-powered smartphone.Nokia is also maker of smartphones. It supplies its own Symbian operating system with it. Nokia has avoided glossy touch-screens so far for its smartphone output. However, it is clearly a mobile technology whose time has come for the finicky Finns.The 5800 XpressMusic by Nokia is its first handset that not only have a touch-sensitive display, but also does away with a keypad altogether. Nokia understands the choice of consumers for finger-friendly smartphones and competition from other manufacturers to deliver the same. This is the reason why they have now come up with more finger-friendly Nokia 5800 Xpress Music series.Skype, after launching Symbian Client for S60v5 devices, has now introduced for its client fresh Symbian client devices. However, one of the drawback of the Symbian client is that is works only on 3G and WiFi. The main features of Skype for Symbian are that it makes free Skype-to-Skype calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world. As the calls and texts are available on low rates, it saves a lot of money. It has the facility that allows you to send and receive instant messages to and from individuals or groups. With it, sharing of pictures, videos and other files is at a touch of your fingertips. You can also receive calls to your online number. You just need to see when Skype contacts are online and available to IM or call. You can easily import numbers and names from the smartphone address book.Today, you as a buyer of a new smartphone have high expectations. Today, your expectations are met by many smarter models that do give you a value for your dollar spent. You as a buyer of smartphone can consult your tech help expert at your computer forum for a model that meets your expectations the most.

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Discover Niche Marketing Software and Its Power

One of the most useful of all the technological advances in the last few years is software that helps you to develop your business online. In the old days, you would build a website, spend days and weeks updating it, and never see a visitor. If you did, they happened upon you by accident and only clicked away once they found you. Luckily, you can now use niche marketing software to build a better site, a better blog, and one that attracts people who want what you have to offer.The overall purpose of niche marketing software is to help you find a niche, develop a presence, and pump it for all it is worth. It is more than just a way to create a quick and easy blog – it helps you figure out what to write, who to focus your attention on, and what products you want to offer for sale. Once your niche is established, you can move on to create more sites, more blogs, and more niche presences in no time at all.Internet marketing has gotten a bad name over the past few years because of the number of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams, but by using software that works efficiently, you don’t need to rely on spamming and deceptive tactics to get people to come to your website.The most effective and affordable niche marketing software that I have found is Firepow. It has helped me create blogs at lightning speed and get them out in front of consumers in no time at all. Not only does it accelerate my development time, but the support team that comes behind it has helped me with a lot of issues that have plagued me in the past. My passive income is now far more than I had ever imagined, and with a little work, I can multiply it almost immediately.

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Tablet Computer Compared to Laptops and PCs

Tablet Computers are becoming the hot new technology item. You are able to do more than with a netbook and it is smaller. This makes it an easy computer to carry with you to even more places and opens up more possibilities. Some people prefer these to eReaders because you can load an eReader program and do so much more.What is a tablet computer?A tablet computer is sometimes called a tablet PC. Since the is not a PC, and some tablets are expected to be Linux based, a tablet computer is the correct term. While it is bigger than a cell phone, it is smaller than a laptop and unless you buy an accessory keyboard it does not have on in the traditional sense.What does it use for a keyboard?This mobile computer is typically a flat screen with a virtual keyboard that can appear on the screen. You can use your fingers or a stylus pen type device to type on the tablet. Most are touch enabled allowing you to use your fingers to “flip” pages, enlarge, shrink and move around a screen.Why is it called the tablet PC?In 2000, Microsoft used the term “Microsoft tablet PC” at that time however the tablet was mostly a note taking device constructed for business. Plagued with usability issues and too heavy for extended use, it failed to become a product consumers wanted.What made the tablet computer become popular?Then Apple was able to bring the tablet computer mainstream. In 2010, the iPad was quickly bought by Apple and technology lovers. With it, the touch interface was redefined and making it an integral part of the new tablet technology. This is how the tablet rush began. At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 various companies announced competition to the iPad. These include, RIM, Motorola, Samsung, Asus, Vizio and others.Why do people like the tablet computer?The touchscreen allows for variations that a computer with keyboard does not. The ones that use a stylus often recognized handwriting. The touch screen basis makes the tablet computers even more user friendly because they are often very intuitive. With a stylus or even a finger, digital painting and drawing are easier than with a mouse which adds enjoyment for artists of all types.What do people dislike about a tablet?The tablet computer is more expensive currently than some laptops, but that price is expected to fall. The lack of a keyboard means typing inputs are slower, however there are keyboard attachments being created. Since you are constantly touching the screen with your finger or stylus there is a risk to damage. Also because it often carried and handled more, they can suffer damage from impacts and misuse. While with all this information demand for tablet computers is expected to continue to rise until another computer appears.

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Gaining an Online Education in Health Care Administration

Training for an accredited education in health care administration can be completed through a variety of online schools. Students can prepare for their desired career in this exciting field by enrolling in a degree or certificate program. Online educational programs can give students the opportunity to receive the training they need from the comforts of home. Studies can be completed in a number of areas, and will allow students to obtain an associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral level degree in health care administration.*Health ManagementOnline health management training programs allow students to gain the education necessary to enter into their desired career. Students can prepare by gaining an associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree. Training requirements will vary by level of education and desired career. Students may have the opportunity to study subjects like:Business Communications
Databases and Spreadsheets
Managed Care Contracting
Health Care Organizations
Human Resources Management…and many other related courses. Training in these areas will prepare students to seek employment in medical offices, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Accredited online schools and colleges will give students the chance to obtain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their desired career in health management.*Health Services AdministrationOnline career training for careers in health services administration can prepare students with the knowledge they need to enter into the career they desire. Accredited training is available at a number of levels including associate, bachelor, and master degree levels. Students can study a variety of subjects based on the level of degree. Some studies may include courses like:Managerial Accounting
Health Economics
Healthcare Informatics
Health Care Policy
Quality Assurance
Strategic Planning
Human Resources…and many other relevant topics. With an education in these specific areas of study students will be able to find employment managing patients, nurses, doctors, in a variety of medical settings. Training online for a career in health services managements will open a world of options for students.*Hospital Unit CoordinatorTraining for a career as a hospital unit coordinator can be done by enrolling in an accredited online school or college. Students can choose to earn a certificate or associate level degree in this area of the field. Training will require students to complete a variety of coursework that may include:Clerical Skills
Medical Terminology
Order Processing
Clinical Healthcare…and much more. With knowledge in these areas students will be prepared to enter into their desired career as a health unit clerk, unit coordinator, ward secretary, and more. Students will have the skills needed to enter into the workforce with an accredited online education in hospital unit coordinating.Accredited online educational training programs are available to provide students with the quality education they need and deserve. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( ) to online schools and colleges that meet the requirements. Students can gain the certificate or degree they desire by enrolling in a program today.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by

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Some Facts to Know About Home Health Care Nursing

Having a home health care nurse is one of the new concepts in the health industry, which is rapidly picking fame. Through home health care, the patient’s privacy is maintained and even the family is released from the hassle of taking the patient to the hospital again and again for routine checkups. Home health care nurse services are best suited for people suffering from fatal illness, permanent or temporary disability, or prolonged health issues.According to a survey nearly 7 million people require nurses for in home care. Until a couple of years back, nurses were needed only in hospitals, nursing centers, or high class living centers. However, today the need of nurses has taken a 360 degree twist. The nurses are no longer only required in the above stated places, in fact, families having members as patients demand receiving nurse care at their home. The nurses associated with home health care are allowed to practice nursing at homes, only after undergoing academic training.Families also prefer hiring only those nurses that come with a sufficient amount of qualification and experience of several years. With time, several changes have been made in home health care. Now, a very secure home health care is provided to the families. Today, insurance is provided and proper documentation is also done between the nursing agency and the family. Also, with technological advancement in the medical field, now patients do not need to stay admitted in the hospital for long. They can easily shift home under the care of home heath nursing services.Home health nurses come with an number of skills.They do not only treat the patients, but they also educate them regarding their illness. Also, they are looked upon to provide emotional support to the patients. From taking care of injured or sick young children, women who have recently given child birth, looking after the elderly, and all other patients suffering chronic diseases, nurses today can be looked upon for nearly every disease, injury, or other kind of treatment. Health care nurses are also capable of taking care of the patient in any particular setting. It is very important for the nurse to have strong communication skills. She should also come with the flexibility to adopt any kind of culture and customs that the family follows. If you are thinking of having a career in home health care nursing, then you should not waste more time and just get into it. The demand for nursing is said to increase by 10% in the coming future.

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Commercial Bridging Loans and Mortgages For Acquisition Finance

Acquisition finance is one of the most serious aspects of business financing. When one company needs to acquire another for strategic purposes, it always has to face the big question of financing. Venture capitalists may be an option, but it usually takes a lot of time to woo them. Due to the economic turmoil of the recent past, they are being extremely cautious, and it’s usually not easy to convince them for acquisition finance. Entrepreneurs all over the world are grappling with the problem of financing for even general purposes.Commercial bridging loansCommercial bridging loans are one of the best options for meeting your short term financing needs. Generally, these can be taken for 3 years, and can be obtained easily. All you need to do is show them some relevant assets and reasonably progressive balance sheets. These loans can take care of all your short term finances. You could invest in adding new capacity, machinery and technologies to your business and stay ahead of competition. You could also take a commercial loan on a mortgage. Commercial mortgages had become unpopular in the past, but with real estate looking up, you will get a very good deal on your loan. It will help you reduce the interest rates, and provide as a sweetener.Cash flow financeWorking capital and cash flow finance is yet another important area for all businessmen. While running a business, you would need a lot of money to be able to sustain your needs for new equipment, maintenance and repairs and employee’s salaries to keep the production levels up. This is especially true if you have a B2B model. It will take some time before you cash in on your accounts receivable. For companies manufacturing steel, oil and so on, the average receivable periods are very high. This is because most of their clients also manufacture goods that are generally slow moving, and take some more levels to reach the final customer who will pay in cash. But since businesses cannot stall their production levels waiting for finance, commercial loans are their best bets. You can easily get this type of financing. It is faster than approaching Venture capitalists, and it is definitely faster than raising equity.A word of caution would be prudent here. Before you approach a mortgage broker, ensure that he is a certified broker, and an established one. Have your papers pulled up by a qualified lawyer, and carefully go over the terms and conditions. You could go for self certification mortgages too, which are mostly based on your monthly income. In this case, the broker will examine your company’s annual income and then give you a deal.

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The Logistics of Obtaining Commercial Loans For Apartment Buildings

Getting a commercial loan for an apartment building is considered one of the easier loans to get with respect to other investment properties. This is due to the fact that commercial lenders focus primarily on the subject property as the repayment source with the borrower being a secondary repayment source. As apartment buildings have historically been a very stable asset class, they typically can get some of the best lending terms.Many property investors focus on single family homes, rather than apartment complexes, because it is often easier to manage. Financing can be difficult to obtain from the commercial lenders for single family homes, and it can be difficult to get the business off the ground. However, many investors recommend that when borrowing from commercial lenders, you take the focus off yourself, as it is with single family homes, and put it on the property, like an apartment building.Often, even with little capital, a loan will be approved, because of the high return on apartment buildings, and the low risk from defaulting on a commercial loan. Before you go out and try and purchase an apartment building, you should know what qualifies as an apartment building under commercial loan guidelines. One to four family dwellings are usually not considered commercial loans; this would include duplexes and fourplexes. However, if there are five or more units in the building, this would be considered a commercial loan.Apartment buildings can have tremendous profitability if managed correctly. For example, if you have a gross income of $100,000 from rental income on a building, and you deduct $60,000 for operating expenses and vacancies, you still come away with a $40,000 profit off of it. Dividing by a 7 percent cap rate, will give you an estimated value of the property, which would come close to $570,000. Often commercial lenders will look at statistics, like this, to determine the cash earning potential on apartment complexes. Naturally, it is not hard to see why these types of loans are approved so quickly and easily.Now, just because it can seem relatively easy to get a commercial loan for an apartment building, this does not mean you should not do your research. Going to a commercial lender with a detailed plan of action for the apartment building, along with your own cash projections, will make the process move much quicker. Doing your research can also benefit you. For example, if you are going to fix up the apartment property, you will therefore increase the value greatly. A property with a high vacancy can have the greatest upside potential; however it will probably require that you put more money down that you would have to with a stabilized property. This is because most lenders underwrite to a debt service coverage first and a high vacancy can limit your supportable loan amount. As with any loan, researching and being prepared when meeting with the lender, will only benefit you and help your business become more successful.

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Samples Of Small Business Subcontracting Plans

Small business subcontracting plans necessarily mean a large business enterprise sub letting or taking help from small businesses. In large business outfits, the amount of office supplies is great hence a small business firm is contacted and a contract is signed with them to provide office materials regularly.o A subcontract is broadly defined as an understanding agreed upon by a prime contract and subcontractor to provide goods or services needed for complementing the performance of the prime contract.o The service a small business provides, however, is not necessarily under the prime contract; it should satisfy the prime contractor’s ordinary overhead requirements attributable to the prime contract.This entire process of contracting out a part of the project to a small business firm is known as small business subcontracting. The contract is made formal only if the costs involved in providing materials exceed $500.000 for the entire period of performance.o a small business subcontracting plan must state an expected amount of business that the prime contractor expects to award to small business contractorsHowever, it is untrue that all business concerns need subcontracted businesses to reach the stage of completion.o In order to ensure completion, each subcontracting plan must name a manager or contract person, called a plan administrator, in charge of promoting compliance under the plan.Only when the magnitude of the business project demands calculated subcontracts sub recipients are brought into discussions.The subcontractor’s SBSP mentions the materials to be purchased, the total amount of money that will be spent on each small business outfit and the percentage of money that has been stipulated for supplies and/or services that these purchases represent.Small business concerns usually used as sub recipients of such huge business projects are:o Small Disadvantaged Business concern
o Minority Institutes
o Veteran Owned Small Business concern
o Women Owned Small Business concern
o Historically Black Colleges and UniversitiesRather than waiting for communication, a small business can contact prime contractors directly to inform them of its small business.A small business can approach agencies themselves to show inclination of its availability for subcontracting.A SBSP is prepared by the principal investigator of the project. The principal investigator takes up the responsibility of meeting the goals set in the plan. If the SBSP fails for any reason, the contractor may be made responsible for the damage and the business concern handling the project may be denied new contracts.Once the SBSP is prepared, it is presented as a part of the business proposal. It is open to negotiation.o In soliciting subcontracts, prime contractors often seek several small business sources to insure they are obtaining a fair priceo If a small business is dissatisfied with the treatment it receives from the prime contractor, it cannot protest to the agency or General Accounting Office.The principal investigator informs the Procurement Resource Services (PRS) administrator of the need of subcontractors. The PRS then aids investigators in identifying suppliers as per the requirement of the project.o Prime contractors are increasingly aware of the need to subcontract with small businesses for delegating work.
o Certain small business contracts stress the possibility of dollar penalties on those failing to meet their subcontracting plans.Typical samples small business subcontracting plans require the following information:o Identification Data – name of the company, address, date of preparation of SBSP, Solicitation Number and Item or Service required
o Type of Plan – individual, master or commercial
o Goals – estimated dollar value of all planned subcontracting, estimated dollar value and percentage of total planned subcontracting to large business concerns, estimated dollar value and percentage of total planned subcontracting to small business concerns etc
o Details of Program Administrator
o Equitable Opportunity
o Reporting and Co-operation time line
o Record Keeping
o Timely payments to Subcontractors
o Description of Good Faith Report

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